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Jan 13, 2022

Overview: The people you attract to your social enterprise are just as important as the mission itself. Identifying the qualities of the team you want to build is just as important as creating space for your people to develop and ultimately lead to a high-performance culture. But how does one make time for this necessary component of running a social enterprise while simultaneously juggling other critical business priorities? Hear from social enterprise advocate and champion, Patty Hampton. 


- Why your people are key to the success of your social enterprise
- Best practices in attracting a mission-focused workforce 
- Actionable steps to engage and sustain a culture that will help meet your business priorities
- Characteristics of high-performing people who own their results 

Host: Patty Hampton, CSP, Chief Social Impact Officer/Managing Partner of SITA by Nonprofit HR

Rebecca Peel, Principal, Talent & Human Capital Advisory
Cedric Nwafor, Social Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Founder, ROOTS Africa
Rebecca Dray, Executive Director, Buy Social USA