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Jan 6, 2021


Lisa Wright-Ponce, Sr. HR Business Partner, Nonprofit HR

Sadina Montani, Shareholder, Vedder-Price

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This episode walks through the elements to be considered when determining whether or not to return employees to the workplace.  As your mission-driven organization begins to develop such a plan, have you considered the risks associated with re-opening your workplace?

During this episode we discuss the myriad of legal and compliance issues that come into play. Listen in and gain insight into:

-The types of federal and state laws to factor into your workplace re-entry decisions

-How to ensure compliance if providing screening tests

-What to do if an employee does not prefer to return to the workplace or requests accommodations

-Compensation and benefit laws and practices that come into play as employees return from furlough or other absences

-Hiring during the pandemic period and what to consider from a legal perspective