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Aug 24, 2022

An intentional strategic approach for recognizing and developing talent that can help organizations engage and retain their best and brightest people versus losing them to outside growth opportunities. Over half of organizations surveyed in Nonprofit HR’s 2021 Talent Management Priorities Survey want to prioritize employee engagement, but only a quarter had a formal talent management plan in place. In this conversation, we’ll explore why this discrepancy occurs throughout mission-driven organizations and how to communicate the imperative of investing in talent to your leadership team.

- Take existing subject matter and translate it to address urgent and emerging business needs related to talent
- Hear about how common pitfalls occur when focusing on learning and development, including leadership development
- Learn how to transition your organization’s development experiences from struggles to success stories
- Understand four actionable phases in a team’s evolution
- Discover ways to get started right now, regardless of size or budget constraints

Conversation Hosts:
Alexandra Taylor, Consultant, Strategy & Advisory and DEI
Lisa Wright Ponce, Senior Consultant, Strategy & Advisory

Guest Panelists:
Dr. Antione Smith, Senior Director of HR and Administration, American Foreign Service Protective Association
Amanda Upshaw, Chief of Staff, CLASP