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Aug 18, 2021

As Kayla Castañeda puts it, “When life hands you lemons, make aguas frescas.” Kayla is Co-Founder and CEO of Agua Bonita, a growing social enterprise producing the first line of healthy alternatives to the traditional Mexican drink, aguas frescas. Made with no added sugar, no chemical sweeteners and rescued produce, the refreshing product fuels their mission and dedication to reinvesting profits back into their community. Stream this episode now to learn more about Kayla, how innovation has helped Agua Bonita grow to where it is today and further insight on the social enterprise’s people management practices, including:  

-How transparency guides their approach to staying authentic, approachable and affordable 

-How creativity and clarity of goals are the key to growth with intention

-How placing value on ideas and feedback at every level is essential to maximize impact and become a first mover in the market


Patty Hampton, Managing Partner and Chief Social Impact Officer for SITA by Nonprofit HR

Lisa Wright Ponce, Senior Consultant for Strategy & Advisory, Nonprofit HR