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Oct 21, 2020

Lisa Brown Alexander, SPHR, President and CEO, Nonprofit HR
Emily Holthaus, Managing Director, DEI, Nonprofit HR

Bonus Resources: Transcript & Presentation Slides

Are you struggling with discussions about how race, racism and racial equity show up in your workplace? You’re not alone. Nationwide, the civil unrest and renewed demands for racial equality have created new opportunities for organizations to thoroughly assess their approach to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Race is already a challenging topic for any workforce to thoroughly dismantle and discuss. Having those discussions as the nation is still recovering from the blows of COVID-19 make it even more challenging. Many HR leaders in nonprofits and other social enterprises are finding that they simply have not done enough to thrive in the current environment. Knowing why your organization wants to conduct racial equity work is critical to sustaining your mission, and creating safe spaces for your people to co-create a more equitable workforce and employee experience. During this discussion, we will talk about:

• Nonprofit HR’s latest diversity practices reporting and key findings you should know now

• How the recent protests and their impact on organizations are shaping our knowledge practices and sector-reporting

• How these data can be used to better galvanize your organization’s readiness to convene necessary conversations on race

• Critical steps needed to talk about race in the workplace