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Jan 27, 2022

Overview: Employer branding may not seem like a big deal for associations, but it is! It helps all types of organizations showcase intentional cultures and inclusive workplaces, which enables authentic communication for why they are an employer of choice. This is no small feat, but it reaps huge rewards. Employer branding is an incredibly underutilized aspect of overall branding and corporate communications, and the two departments that can immediately tackle this commonly missed opportunity are Marketing and Human Resources! Together, these two teams of professionals can power the stories and experiences of your people, adding value to your talent attraction, engagement and retention programs, and ultimately your strategic objectives.

Learning Objectives Include:
- Defining employer branding and how it fits into an association’s overall brand (with an association case study example)
- Initiating conversations between Marketing and Human Resources to collaborate, build and maintain a successful employer brand, adding this to your teams’ playbooks
- Engaging your talent to help create your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and tell your brand story
- Integrating your employer brand and organizational core values across your talent management practices
- Leveraging employer branding during times of change and uncertainty, like the COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure your organization attracts, engages, and retains high-performing talent to effectively deliver on your mission

Atokatha Ashmond Brew, MBA, Managing Director, Marketing & Communication, Nonprofit HR
Lori Kipnis, Managing Director, Strategy & Advisory, Nonprofit HR
Maureen DuBois, Senior Director, Human Resources, American Health Law Association
Stefan Bradham, CAE, Senior Director, Marketing & Communication, American Health Law Association

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